The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) today announced the top 10 finalists for the 2022 Indiana Teacher of the Year.

“Teachers are our difference-makers in the lives of so many students across Indiana,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “When you ask most people, they can point back in their life to their favorite teacher. Typically, that is someone who not only taught them knowledge and skills but also someone who cared about and believed in them as an individual. We are fortunate to have many exceptional teachers in Indiana, and to make this top 10 list is truly an accomplishment. I’m thankful for the leadership of these educators who have positively impacted so many Hoosier students and set such a great example of what it means to help our students achieve their greatest potential.”

The 2022 Indiana Teacher of the Year Top 10 finalists are:

  • Lisa Clegg, Fort Wayne Community Schools
  • Susan Davis, South Bend Community School Corporation
  • Robert DeRuntz, Duneland School Corporation
  • Daniel Jones, Perry Township Schools
  • Jaime Lamkin, Clarksville Community Schools
  • Brayton Mendenhall, MSD Wayne Township
  • Gwyn Skrobul, Kankakee Valley School Corporation
  • Sarah TeKolste, Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Sharita Ware, Tippecanoe School Corporation
  • Jennifer Yoder, Goshen Community School.

For over 60 years, the Indiana Teacher of the Year program has recognized outstanding teachers across the state who are making a difference for Hoosier students. With the mission of inspiring, rejuvenating, and celebrating the teaching profession, the program encourages schools to nominate their local Teachers of the Year for this statewide honor. Finalists are selected from these applicants by a committee made up of former Teachers of the Year, IDOE staff, educational organization leaders, business and community leaders, and representatives from higher education.

The Indiana Teacher of the Year, who will be announced in October, will work to help elevate the teaching profession in Indiana, as well as represent Hoosier teachers at the national level.