The Michigan City Police Department announced that Marty Corley will replace Assistant Chief Dave Cooney as Chief of Operations. Cpl. Michigan City Police Department Assistant Chief of Operations. Chief of Police Dion Campbell announced a change in his administrative staff. Cpl. Marty Corley will replace Assistant Chief Dave Cooney as Chief of Operations. Cpl.
Corley will begin his official duties on Monday Aug. 16.
Chief Campbell stated this, “I want to commend Dave Cooney for his self-less service to this department and our community. I am proud of his efforts in helping to lead this department during the
most difficult time in law enforcement history. Sgt. Dave Cooney made a personal decision that I fully support.”
Chief Campbell then went on to say this about new assistant Chief Marty Corley.
“I want to congratulate Marty Corley on his appointment. I chose Marty Corley based on his knowledge of the streets and ability to deal effectively with violent crimes. Michigan City has increasingly become a more difficult area to police. I believe Cpl. Corley’s leadership in this area will shine in combatting crime and leading our young troops with his years of experience. He is SWAT trained and very strong in street patrol tactics in addition to be being recognized as a gang specialist. He also brings to the table unwavering commitment to this community. He is currently director of the Michigan City Youth Leadership Academy and sits on many boards while managing various outreaches as an active community pillar.”
Congratulations to Marty Merrell Corley from TEAM WIMS. Thank you to Assistant Chief Dave Cooney for your service.

Cpl. Marty Corley

Assistant Chief Dave Cooney