Purdue University announced that 84 students are facing disciplinary action for failing twice to comply with required COVID-19 tests.  The University says that the vast majority of Purdue University students are in compliance with the Protect Purdue guidelines by either uploading their vaccine status or submitting to regular surveillance testing. 

Three weeks into the semester, 84 students are receiving disciplinary action for failing to comply with the Protect Purdue surveillance testing requirement after a prior warning. Purdue says that after the first week of testing, over 700 students were out of compliance, but ongoing communication to that group resulted in a majority uploading their vaccine documentation or fulfilling their testing requirement.

Full details on consequences for those who fail to participate in Protect Purdue surveillance testing are available online. Disciplinary actions range from warning to suspension for repeated violations.

Purdue has also noted that 214 employees have received an initial written warning that they are in non-compliance for failing to participate in required surveillance testing.