The following is a statement from Joe Haney of The La Porte County Board of Commissioners, District 3:
I have three daughters and one of things I’ve taught them is that “No” is more than just a single word. “No” is a complete sentence. I don’t need to give any further explanation to someone sitting 700 miles away, unconstitutionally writing things down on a piece of paper and trying to impose his will over the free will of 80,000,000 plus Americans. I do however, want to speak directly to the over 110,000 citizens of La Porte County who have entrusted me with the office of County Commissioner.
We live in, or should live in, a free market place of ideas. A place where we are free to express our thoughts and where open, honest, healthy debate can help shape informed opinions. Not a place where a single elected official issues a decree forcing millions of citizens to sacrifice their right to self-ownership, to sacrifice their right to their own bodies and be forced to comply… or else. This has nothing to do with whether or not you should take a vaccine; it has everything to do with the fact that you own yourself. Period.
Individual rights, self-ownership, personal freedom and liberty are the cornerstones and bedrock of our nation. These are self-evident and they are the very fabric of our nation, interwoven into everything that has made America the greatest nation this planet has ever seen. We’ve faltered from time to time but always bounced back stronger; each time expanding the Rights originally guaranteed by the Constitution to include every single American; regardless of race, creed, gender or anything  else.
We have made amazing progress, and in less than 250 years set precedents that have helped shape the Rights of others around the globe as well. We still have further to go and we should never stop fighting for and supporting the Rights of all persons. It is crucial though, that we remember the smallest minority, is the minority of one. The individual.
Self-ownership may seem self-evident now, but it hasn’t always been that way. People were subservient to governments and kings; they were literal subjects of other human beings. People were bought and sold as slaves, not just for forced labor but because they were viewed as being incapable of controlling their own lives, of being unable to make decisions for themselves. They were viewed as inferior because of either the color of their skin, their socioeconomic status or simply because they were ‘different’.
Throughout history people who have risen to positions of power use that power to control others. Their motives matter not; it is, for them, about control. Controlling those beneath them. Their intentions, their alleged benevolence, these things matter not, for we cannot see inside the minds and hearts of those who seek to control us. We can only judge them based on their actions, and their actions are those of control and imposing their will onto others.
I have put in countless hours and days ensuring every citizen of La Porte County has free, unrestricted access to getting vaccinated if they so choose. There is no reason why a person in our county who wants one of three available vaccines isn’t already vaccinated; you can walk into our county clinic, without an appointment, and get vaccinated on the spot, free of charge…. but it is your choice, not mine or anyone else’s. Forget about the politicians,
forget about unelected bureaucrats, regardless of the initials before or after their name. Speak with your personal physician, make an informed decision with the health care providers you already know and trust.
I believe people have free will and a right to choose their own medical care, even if their choices vary from mine. I don’t wish to impose my will upon others and I don’t wish for others to try and impose their will up on me. This is a simple concept and one that founded our great nation. As for forced mandates, coercion or anything else meant to intimidate people into blind compliance or obedience, I will say it again, and louder for the people in the Washington: NO.
Commissioner Joe Haney
Vice President, La Porte County Board of Commissioners