Franciscan Health says the Franciscan Health Breast Care Center Crown Point continues to offer the most advanced treatment options to breast cancer patients by adopting the Savi Scout® Wire-Free Radar Localization System to provide easier, more compassionate care with less discomfort.

The Scout system is a zero-radiation, wire-free solution for marking tumors, lymph nodes and biopsy sites. The traditional process to mark tumors is wire localization, placing a wire inside the breast tissue immediately before surgery. Because the wire sticks out of the breast, patients must restrict their movement. The Scout system, however, places a tiny “reflector” into the tumor ahead of the surgery date or during the biopsy. The Scout radar localization system helps surgeons accurately detect the location of the Scout reflector – and the tumor – to within 1 mm of accuracy.

Franciscan says the ability to precisely locate tumors may increase the probability of complete cancer removal and reduce the likelihood of needing follow-up surgeries, which they say is a huge advantage for early stage breast cancer patients. Additionally, Franciscan says the ability to strategically plan the incision may allow for less tissue removal, allowing patients to keep their healthy breast tissue. They say Scout is not limited to use in cancerous tumors. It also effectively guides removal of non-cancerous breast abnormalities.

The Savi Scout system is located at Franciscan Health Breast Care Center Crown Point, 1201 S. Main St. For more information, call (219) 757-6010.