Purdue University Northwest (PNW) has been accepted as an associate member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), one of only 62 universities in the United States and Europe to be part of the organization.

PNW launched the sales minor program in 2016. The curriculum is designed to develop skills that students need in a 21st century workplace through exposure to real world selling situations. The program trains students in relationship building, sales planning, needs assessment, customized product presentations, handling objections, effectively listening and closing, as well as other sales-focused skill sets. 

Also part of the sales program is the White Lodging Professional Selling Lab. The lab is a high-tech central classroom with six practice suites used for role-play training. The role-play scenarios help students develop confidence and hands-on skills in sales. A sales engineering minor program was introduced in 2021.

The USCA, a consortium of university sales centers and educators, is dedicated to continuing the advancement of the sales profession through teaching, research and outreach. The USCA sets and monitors sales program standards while sharing best practices, enhancing sales curricula and ultimately preparing students for a career in sales.

One advantage of associate membership in the USCA is the mentorship program. “I’m really looking forward to having that mentor to help us grow,” said Claudia C. Mich, director of PNW’s Professional Selling Program. “The support we will receive as an associate member will help us continue to expand and grow our sales program. The new insights and ideas we will receive from all the peer institutions’ top sales and education programs across the country will be invaluable.”