Michiana Humane Society says they’ve had a full house all year and as soon as a pet is adopted, they fill the empty kennel with a new pet.

The shelter says to help homeless pets when they have no room, they call on their network of foster families and partner rescues. Friday, their Shelter Manager, Karen, and Rescue Coordinator, Brianne, spent the morning coordinating the transfer of 15 kittens. Luckily, their colleagues at Pet Refuge had the available space. Michiana Humane Society says they are optimistic they will find new homes quickly while they’re still kittens. Senior Shar Pei, Clyde, will soon be transferred to Shar Pei Nation Rescue to live in a foster home. Michiana Humane Society says that there, he will have a better chance of being adopted by someone who understands his breed.

Additionally the shelter says a gift to Michiana Humane Society supports staff to coordinate with outside rescues and volunteers to transport them safely. More information can be found on their website, michianapets.org .