The City of Michigan City says the fast-spreading Omicron variant along with the Delta variant are causing COVID-19 cases to surge, which has prompted Michigan City mayor Duane Parry to issue an executive order regarding City Government meetings.
To help combat the spread, Mayor Parry has issued an Executive Order Thursday, which will go into effect January 4, 2022. The new order will require that all City government meetings will be held virtually as long as Governor Holcomb continues to extend his public health emergency.
In addition, City Hall will be open to the public by “appointment only”. All the various departments within City Hall will continue functioning scheduling appointments. The public may contact a specific department via phone.
The following are specific numbers to contact for appointments or questions:
General Questions (219) 873-1400
City Clerk’s Office (219) 873-1410
Park Department and Rentals (219) 873-1506
Permits and Inspections (219) 873-1419
Planning (219) 873-1415
Legal and Personnel (219) 873-1408
Controller (219) 873-1404