An ordinance which designates LaPorte County as a “Broadband-Ready Community” is headed to the State of Indiana for consideration, the LaPorte County Broadband Task Force said on Tuesday.

The LaPorte County Commissioners, on December 1st, voted unanimously to approve an ordinance to the State of Indiana which designates LaPorte County as a “Broadband-Ready Community”.

The ordinance advises the state that LaPorte County is “laser-focused” on finding solutions and strategies for those struggling for access to high-speed broadband services in LaPorte County.

The ordinance which was spearheaded by the members of the LaPorte County’s Rural Broadband Task Force is being submitted to the State of Indiana for their consideration.

The task force and staff has met with counties from around the country, as well as with vendors who have proposed cutting edge technology. The effort encompasses hours of research and vetting of experts to explore best practices from counties all over rural America, the task force says.

The LaPorte County Broadband Task Force says that upon submission of the Broadband Ready Communities request to the State of Indiana, the County of LaPorte says it will have demonstrated that it “places a high value on this state program which was designed to remove barriers, bureaucracy and red tape which could stand in the way of precious investment into fiber and infrastructure which will not only allow us to grow as a county but more importantly, ensure that we can take care of those who already call LaPorte County, Indiana home.”