In order to accommodate ongoing work for the double track project, the South Shore Line plans to bus midday passengers between Carroll Ave. and Dune Park stations, now through Thursday, Jan. 20, with Friday, Jan. 21, being a contingency date.

Service to Beverly Shores is suspended during busing.

Buses will arrive and depart with passengers to match the SSL’s train schedule between Carroll Ave. and Dune Park. Westbound passengers should be prepared to board buses in front of Carroll Ave. Station and re-board westbound South Shore trains at Dune Park. Eastbound passengers will detrain at Dune Park to board buses, and board their scheduled EB trains again at Carroll Ave. 

The following trains will be bused between Carroll Ave. and Dune Park Jan. 19-21, and will not service Beverly Shores or M. City 11thSt. stations: 

  •       Weekday WB Trains 14, 116, 18, 118, 20
  •       Weekday EB Trains 7, 107, 9, 109