The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) has announced that it has issued Notice to Proceed to Walsh/Herzog Joint Venture for construction of the Double Track Northwest Indiana (DT-NWI) Project.

The Notice to Proceed marks the beginning of work to construct a second track, which will eliminate train interference on the existing South Shore Line single track. The DT-NWI Project will ultimately result in reduced travel time, more frequent train service, and expanded connectivity between northwest Indiana and Chicago.

The $649 million dollar project has been divided into six contracts to construct the second track and station improvements at five South Shore Line stations.

-Double Track Contract 1, awarded to Walsh/Herzog Joint Venture, includes construction of the second track throughout the project corridor, station platforms, and four new bridges.

-Double Track Contract 2, awarded to Larson Danielson, includes removal of the historic Michigan City 11th Street South Shore Line Station’s façade, which will be incorporated into a new station building and parking structure.

-Double Track Contract 3, awarded to Hasse Construction, includes construction of a new station house and parking lots at the Gary-Miller Station.

-Double Track Contract 4, awarded to Larson Danielson, includes construction of a new parking lot south of US 12 at the Portage/Ogden Dunes Station just west of Stagecoach Road.

-Double Track Contract 5, awarded to Rieth-Riley, includes construction of a new east parking lot extension at the Dune Park Station.

-Double Track Contract 6, awarded to Xorail, includes Positive Train Control systems on the expanded line.  

The public should expect to see construction mobilization in February and track construction activity between Michigan City and Gary-Miller beginning in March 2022. In order to accommodate the construction, South Shore Line passengers will be bused between various stations throughout the Double Track project. The first segment of busing is tentatively scheduled to begin on February 28, 2022 for all passengers traveling between Dune Park and Carroll Avenue stations. Buses will provide service at the Beverly Shores and Michigan City 11th Street stations. Additional details including bus stop locations and specific dates will be released in the coming weeks.

Track construction activity between Ogden Dunes and Gary will begin in March 2023. All elements of the DT-NWI Project are anticipated to be fully complete and open for service in 2024.