The Indiana DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife needs your help to best manage deer populations in the state. For that purpose, they invite you to take the Annual Deer Management Survey. This survey will ask about your perceptions of deer populations. If you hunt deer, it will also ask about your deer hunting and harvest behaviors, thoughts about your deer hunting experience, and views on different deer hunting regulations.

You may complete the survey by clicking the link below. This link will take you to Qualtrics, the web host of Division of Fish & Wildlife online surveys. This link is unique to you and can only be used once, so do not forward it.

You can complete the survey by clicking here.
You can also copy and paste this link into your browser:

The survey is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer rather than a mobile device. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete but may be shorter or longer depending on whether you are an active deer hunter or if you volunteer to provide additional information. While some questions are presented to everyone who takes the survey, other unique questions will only be asked if they are relevant to you. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary, and you may skip questions you do not wish to answer.

Please know that your privacy is very important to them. Your contact information will never be connected to your answers in any way, and they will make every attempt to keep your data secure. If you have questions about participation in the survey, please contact the Deer Biologist at

The information you provide is vital to future deer management decisions within the state. Your participation helps better they understand the deer population within the state and the people they serve.