Governor Eric Holcomb Monday announced Monday that he signed an Executive Order as a response to Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine.

Holcomb has issued an executive order taking specific actions to show a commitment for the citizens of Ukraine and condemnation of the Russian government.

-The Indiana Department of Administration will review all state contracts that involve Russian-owned or Russian-affiliated companies.

-The Indiana Public Retirement System will evaluate investments into the state retirement accounts that may involve the Russian ruble, Russian-owned and Russian-affiliated companies and immediately report its findings to the governor’s office.

-The Indiana Office of Technology will continue to strengthen our critical state infrastructure to protect the system from Russian cyber-attacks and the Governor encourages private businesses to do the same.

-The Commission for Higher Education will request that public colleges and universities report all Russian funding received for programs, research and grants and report its findings to the governor’s office.

-The Governor encourages Hoosier businesses and companies in Indiana to evaluate their future business relationship with Russia.

-The state of Indiana will standby to assist Ukrainian refugees should a federal policy, program or initiative be implemented requiring access to appropriate locations across the country.