Ogden Dunes Chief of Police Jeremy Ogden said Wednesday he spoke with a representative of US Steel regarding the east bridge project.

Ogden stated the following:

“As I previously reported, there were additional parts in need of repair. While working on the bridge last week, they discovered other existing problems. All are repairable, however; this will take additional time.
I was told today to expect the updated completion date to be April 30, 2022. I was also reminded that US Steel is spending approximately $1,000,0000.00 dollars on this project.
Fortunately, the railroad has cooperated, and our blockages have been substantially reduced. I will continue to staff traffic detail units during this time. We will also try to have additional units on warm weather weekends to deal with increased beach traffic.”

He also stated,

“If you are in Town and traffic has stopped or backed up it is for a reason, please do not drive around traffic in the oncoming lane of travel. We are managing these issues as they present themselves, we really need your cooperation to safely do our jobs. Those that drive around backed up traffic or run train crossing gates will be cited.
I understand your frustration, please be patient. We are doing our very best to ensure the safety of all while keeping traffic moving.
Also, Stagecoach Road will be closed tomorrow, March 31, 2022, 7a-4p for tree removal.”