An Air Quality Action Day has been forecast for Northwest Indiana for elevated ozone levels and is in effect until midnight CDT.

An Air Quality Action Day has been also been declared by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for La Porte, St. Joseph, Elkhart, Allen, Wabash and Huntington in Indiana and is in effect until 11 p.m. CDT Wednesday.

Ozone Levels are expected to be at unhealthy levels for sensitive groups.

People and businesses are urged to avoid activities which lead to ozone and fine particulate formation.

These activities include: refueling vehicles or topping off when refueling, using gasoline powered lawn equipment and using charcoal lighter fluid.

Positive activities include: car pooling, biking to work, delaying or combining errands and using water based paints.

It is recommended that people with respiratory diseases such as asthma limit prolonged outdoor exertion.

For additional information please visit the IDEM SMOG Watch Web site at or the EPA AIRNOW website at and click on Indiana.