The Valparaiso Police Department is alerting the public about a recent phone scam reported in the area.

The department says it has been notified in recent weeks of various scams that are occurring over the phone in the area. The department says these financial scams often encourage large sums to be donated, pay for a loved ones criminal or health issues, or require payment for what seems to be actual services.

Valpo police say that on a national level, political and law enforcement support groups are now being used as fraudulent reasons to solicit such funds from unexpected victims.

Valparaiso police say to “Please be mindful that legitimate groups will not threaten or place you in fear when asking you to donate or make required payments. These groups will also not accept pre-paid cards or gift cards as restitution. Prior to making any payments, donations, or doing something that does not seem within normal procedures to help others, stop and think about the actions or decision. Do not act out of haste or fear, and contact the Valparaiso Police Department (Sgt. Perry Stone) at 219-462-2135 with any questions.”