Franciscan Health Infusion Center in Munster is now a brass bell for patients to ring on the day of their final cancer treatments.

The bell was purchased using donations to the Franciscan Health Foundation.

Patient Jacqueline Frabotta became the first patient to ring the bell on her final day of chemotherapy. She and her family expressed thanks to the staff for the care she received.

“Everyone was emotional. We are so thankful that she was our first patient to ring the new bell,” said Gail Blackburn, director of outpatient services.

Blackburn said patients had been requesting a bell to celebrate their accomplishment. A plaque on the bell reads: “Ring this bell three times well to celebrate this day. This course is run, my treatment done, now I am on my way.”

“Thank you very much to the Foundation and all of our generous donors. The bell is a wonderful addition to our department and the patients will be ringing it loudly to celebrate their accomplishment,” Blackburn said.

The Franciscan Health Infusion Center is located on the second floor of the Franciscan Health Cancer Center in Munster.