Four states have began steelhead broodstock collection, including locally. 

The Bodine State Fish Hatchery has begun its annual collection of adult Skamania steelhead. DNR personnel collect the fish at the sea lamprey barrier in Trail Creek. They transport the collected steelhead to Bodine, where they remain until the fish produce eggs for collection in January. The DNR says the broodstock program serves as an integral part of a cooperative effort between Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan to raise more than 200,000 Skamania for Lake Michigan’s waters.

Skamania steelhead begin their annual spawning migration in June as 3-year-old fish weighing eight to 12 pounds. 

Anglers highly regard the summer-run strain for their acrobatics and target them nearly year-round in the St. Joe River, Trail Creek, Salt Creek, and Little Calumet River. See more about fishing regulations and where to catch steelhead on the DNR’s website.