The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is sharing the results of its recent U.S. 20 Traffic Safety Project.

Last Wednesday, the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office participated in a multi-state traffic safety project along U.S. 20. Agencies from five states – Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana partnered to raise awareness and reduce crashes on U.S. 20. The LCSO was included in the project due to the high volume of crashes on U.S. 20 in La Porte County.

Deputies worked the project throughout the day, with a primary focus occurring during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours.

A total of 42 citations and 82 warnings were issued to U.S. 20 drivers. Arrests made included never receiving a license, operating while intoxicated, possession of a controlled substance, driving while suspended, prior violation, intimidation and resisting law enforcement.

It was also determined that one of the arrestees was a wanted person by the LCSO. Lastly, a U.S. 20 driver who was stopped for exceeding the posted speed limit was found to be wanted with nationwide extradition by authorities from Elkhart County for child molesting and a failure to appear warrant.

Captain Derek J. Allen stated, “While this specific project may have been a one-day event, traffic safety remains a top priority of the Sheriff’s Office, especially along US 20. Deputies will continue to be visible, stop traffic code violators, and work to reduce crashes on this major La Porte County highway. Motorists are encouraged to always drive distraction free and adhere to all the traffic control devices.”