In an update to a story WIMS has been following regarding the Friday arrest of a La Porte police officer, the La Porte Police Department announced Monday that, “The aforementioned officer resigned today, Monday, August 15, effective immediately.”

Original story:

A City of La Porte police officer was arrested early Friday morning by Trail Creek Police, according to Chief Paul Brettin.

The officer was charged with public intoxication (Class B Misdemeanor) as well as public indecency (Class A Misdemeanor). Brettin said the officer has been given an automatic suspension, and further disciplinary action may be taken once the department sees what comes of the charges.

“Here in the City of La Porte, we hold our officers to a very high standard,” Brettin said. “This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable, and our department and Merit Commission will be meeting to discuss potential further actions.”