Erin Parker, La Porte High School Teacher, has been selected as a Top 25 Finalist in the 2023 Indiana Teacher of the Year (INTOY) Program.

This Spring, Erin was peer-nominated and then selected as the 2022 La Porte Community School Corporation Secondary Teacher of the Year. Kicking off her thirteenth year as an educator at La Porte High School, Erin has spent the last eight years as the Yearbook, Journalism, Public Relations, and Newspaper teacher.

La Porte Community Schools stated the following:

“Establishing the Public Relations course has allowed Erin to work with her students on being heralds of the news throughout the district, by bringing stories of the innovative culture within the schools to the community. The program is an invaluable part of the district and extends far beyond the classroom. Erin was the catalyst behind the Kindness Campaign Club that began as an initiative in her 2012 English class and quickly became a staple of spreading humanity. In addition to her myriad of contributions and projects at La Porte High School, Erin is also a Bootcamp Instructor for the Indiana Department of Education’s Teacher Leader Bootcamp. Erin is invested in the lives and success of her students, and believes in pushing to be a source of positivity and hope to her students and colleagues.”

In response to her Top 25 INTOY selection, Erin expressed, “I am extremely humbled and honored to be listed alongside these incredible educators. Even more, I am excited to represent the school corporation I have loved my whole life.”

LCSC went on to say, “We wish Erin Parker the best of luck as she moves forward in the 2023 Indiana Teacher of the Year Program. We are all behind you!”