A Lake County Sheriff’s officer has been charged with stalking according to the Indiana State Police.

Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez recently contacted the Indiana State Police regarding alleged criminal activity being conducted by a Lake County Officer.

In early July, the Criminal Investigations Division at the Lowell Post began an investigation centered around an allegation that an officer had used police resources to stalk and harass an ex-domestic partner. During the investigation, it was learned that Patrol Officer Nicholas Katalinic had made false statements to the Lake County 911 Center in order to determine the whereabouts of an ex-domestic partner. Katalinic had also used the “Spillman” program to determine the location of that same individual. According to the Indiana State Police, the “Spillman” program is a program used by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for specific law enforcement purposes.

During the investigation, it was also determined that Katalinic had made several unwanted phone calls to the victim. The Indiana State Police said that in those phone calls, Katalinic “made specific references as to knowing the victim’s whereabouts, as well as other references regarding the well-being of their shared child.”

Once the investigation was completed, the findings were submitted to the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office where it was recommended the filing of the charges of stalking as well as harassment by means of telephone.