Two La Porte County Sheriff’s office deputies are being praised for performing life saving actions recently.

On Sept. 1, at 10:51 PM, Deputy Austin Wells responded to a motor vehicle crash located in the 3100 block of Monroe Street. He arrived to find that a single vehicle had crashed into the front of the residence. The vehicle had completely entered the residence.
Deputy Wells entered the residence to check the welfare of the occupants and the status of the driver. He learned the residents had already exited, but the driver was trapped inside the vehicle. As Deputy Wells approached the vehicle, a fire had started underneath the hood and the residence began to fill with smoke.

A large amount of debris and wreckage surrounded the vehicle which created further dangers and difficulties for Wells to access the interior of the vehicle. He was able to move some fallen debris away from the rear passenger door and gain access to the vehicle’s cabin. Wells located a single occupant in the drivers seat who was injured. He removed the driver through the rear passenger door.

Deputy John Roby Jr., arrived and entered the residence. Wells and Roby carried the driver out of the residence. Both deputies remained with the driver until EMS arrived to treat the injuries.

Sheriff John T. Boyd stated, “We are beyond ecstatic by the heroic actions of Deputies Wells and Roby. They sacrificed themselves and fearlessly faced dangers for the sake of others. I publicly commend both deputies and each will later be recognized for their life-saving actions.”