The Portage Police Department and their officer Lt. J. Maynard were recently recognized with awards for community outreach.

The Portage Police Department says that several years ago they had set goals to become more involved in community outreach, to increase positive interactions with their citizens, and to increase their partnerships with local groups working to improve the community.

Thursday morning, at an awards ceremony hosted by the Porter County HUB Coalition (Substance Abuse Council), the Portage Police Department and specifically, Lt. J. Maynard were recognized for some of the work done in these areas during 2022.
PPD received a Community Matters Law Enforcement Partnership Award for their work combating substance abuse and our engagement in community involvement.

Lt. J. Maynard, our Public Information Officer, received the Law Enforcement Officer Award for his participation in numerous community events, collaboration / data developing / information sharing with the coalition, and the overall contribution he made to the community through partnerships he developed.

Chief Candiano stated, “On behalf of the PPD, I would like to congratulate Lt. Maynard on his individual award and thank him and all of our other Officers, who contributed to us receiving the department award.”