The State of Indiana has named the City of South Bend as the state’s 75th Broadband Ready Community. At a press conference Wednesday, representatives from IBO and the Indiana Office of Rural Affairs (OCRA) celebrated the accomplishment.

The Broadband Ready Communities Program was created to encourage broadband development throughout the state. The certification sends a signal to the telecommunication industry that a community has taken steps to reduce barriers to broadband infrastructure investment.

“We are encouraged that communities across the state are taking the steps to become more connected and enhance their quality of life by becoming Broadband Certified,” Lt. Gov. Crouch said. “Congratulations to South Bend for prioritizing this initiative and working collaboratively to further spearhead your community’s broadband investment.”

The certification was approved by the Indiana Broadband Office following the City of South Bend’s adoption of a Broadband Ready Community ordinance.

“Broadband is essential for our students, job seekers, businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Mayor James Mueller. “I thank Governor Holcomb’s administration and the Indiana Legislature for helping South Bend become a Broadband Ready Community. We look forward to continued collaboration with the state on digital infrastructure and equity programming.”

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