Watch for with extremely cold temperatures and potentially high winds. We want to ensure that everyone has the resources available if we have a power outage or stranded motorists. I have spoken with the Superintendent for MSD of New Durham Township. They will allow us to use their building if the need arises. I’ve also been in contact with the American Red Cross who will provide us with their resources in the event they’re needed.

“As we brace ourselves for this winter storm, I would ask that everyone be patient, take care of themselves and to look out for each other. Check on your neighbors and especially the elderly citizens in our community. Please don’t hesitate to call the Westville Police Department if you need anything at all. If we can’t be immediately reached then contact the La Porte County Dispatch Center.

“With the incoming weather, I would also like to remind everyone to please have the roadways clear in the snow emergency areas. The Westville Street Department works diligently to keep the streets clear for all our citizens. They will not only be battling the snow, but the high winds and sub zero temperatures. We realize that it’s difficult for families with multiple vehicles, so try to plan ahead on where you can park your vehicle so our Street Department can effectively do their job.

“Thank you and stay safe and warm,

Chief Deputy – Joe Walker”