Throughout Sheriff John T. Boyd’s 30 plus year law enforcement career, many have come to know how skillful and accurate he is firing his duty pistol. From his days as a member of the agency’s Emergency Response Team and until now, Sheriff Boyd has continued to train and hone his skill set as a shooter.
Earlier this year during a qualification shoot, Sheriff Boyd shot a perfect score. Agency Firearms Instructors pleaded with him to take the target as a keepsake knowing his retirement was nearing. He humbly declined and departed from “The Range.”
Knowing just how important Sheriff Boyd’s firearms scores are to him, the Firearms Instructors took advantage of the opportunity and had the target professionally framed several months ago.
As Sheriff Boyd’s second term draws to a close later this week, he was asked to come to “The Range” today for one final time as Sheriff where he was presented with his perfect target.
During Sheriff Boyd’s tenure, he has remained a huge supporter of the Firearms Program and the beautiful facility that “The Range” has become and grown to be over the years.
Thank you, sir!
📸 Sheriff Boyd & Agency Firearms Instructors