The La Porte Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in a robbery that occurred Thursday evening at the Lincolnway Mini-Mart, located at 205 Lincolnway.

The La Porte Police department stated the following:

“After further investigation, it is believed that four male suspects are involved, and have also been caught on multiple surveillance cameras.

“At approximately 7:16 p.m., a white male can be seen entering the store with a green Carhart sweatshirt on, while having the hood up with it tightened around his face. He is then seen purchasing a drink and is shown leaving the mini-mart moments later.

“At approximately 7:23 p.m., the same white male suspect with the green Carhart sweatshirt is seen opening and holding the door open for three more male suspects entering the store.

“The initial suspect entering is seen wearing black clothing, a black mask, a gray backpack, and black glasses. This suspect approached the clerk and pushed her out of the way to rob the store. He is then followed by a suspect wearing a gray ‘Nickelodeon’ sweatshirt with the character named ‘Chuckie’ from the television show ‘Rugrats’ being prominently displayed on the back of the gray sweatshirt. He is also wearing gray pants with brown boots, a black mask, and carrying a light brown sack. The final suspect is seen wearing a white mask, a white sweatshirt, black pants, and a black backpack. This suspect ripped the clerk’s cellular device from her hand and threw it away from her. No weapons were displayed during the robbery.”

The La Porte Police Department is requesting assistance from the public to help identify the individuals. Anyone with information pertaining to the case, is asked to contact Det. Schaefer at 219-362-9446 Ext. 208 or

Check the La Porte Police Department Facebook page for updates.