All month, police officers with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department will wear special police badges and uniform patches symbolizing their unity with families and individuals affected by autism.

According to a Facebook post by Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr., on April 1, the department featured their Autism Awareness patrol car at a party hosted in Munster to celebrate the hard work, diversity and success of people with autism in the community.  One of their officers attended the party and shared information on their Project Lifesaver rescue program, which could help find a person with autism quickly if they wander away and become lost.  Participants wear a bracelet which enables their location to be tracked using special search equipment.

Martinez said this month, they’ll post more on their Project Lifesaver rescue program with information on how it can help both children and adults with autism, cognitive impairment or medical conditions that put them at risk of becoming lost.  They’ll also have details on how families can sign up for the program.