Streetlights that were emitting a purple hue in Michigan City were found to be defective and replaced, according to a press release from the Office Of Mayor Duane Parry.

“For quite some time we were aware that our new LED streetlights in numerous locations in Michigan City were emitting a purple hue rather than the standard white light, the City of Michigan City said in a press release on Friday. “There was speculation over the color having to do with saving energy, which was not true. We discovered that these streetlights were safe and did not impact visibility, however caused quite an issue with the public. Immediately, Mayor Parry, along with Councilman Don Przybylinski, began to pursue the manufacturer that supplied our new LED streetlights back in 2018. It was determined that the purple hue was the result of a manufacturer defect and is impacting streetlights nationwide. Our supplier, Energy Systems Group (ESG), after several negotiations, agreed to replace every defective light in Michigan City at no expense to the City.”

The Office of Mayor Duane Parry said that as of Friday, with the assistance of Marquiss Electric, all streetlights are now back to white.