Portage Police notified the public on their Facebook page that Thursday afternoon their officers were made aware of a group of individuals soliciting donations along the Highway 6 corridor near POW/MIA Way.

Officers contacted the subjects and determined they were professional solicitors who travel the country making false claims that they are fundraising for various causes relating to children.

The Portage Police Department said their investigation shows this group has been “plying their trade” in Louisville, Indianapolis, and the south Chicago suburbs over the past thirty days.

Police said the subjects were warned they were “in violation of city ordinance and subject to fine if they continued and they chose to leave the area.”

“Soliciting is allowed in the City of Portage with certain restrictions on location, times, and required safety equipment, but only after obtaining approval from the City’s Board of Public Works and Safety,” Portage Police Department said. “Private property owners may choose to allow solicitation on their property but those solicitors may not enter into the roadway to accept donations.”

Police said as the weather begins to warm up, they expect to see an increase in this type of activity and their officers will educate violators and enforce city ordinances where appropriate. Further information can be found in city code 78-406, 78-407, 78-408, and 78-409.