The Town of Ogden Dunes is reminding the public that seasonal parking restrictions are now in effect.

Parking restrictions are currently in effect through Sept. 30.

Permits are required in order to park within the restricted area.

The town is asking the public to remember to stop at town hall to pick up your permits. They will not be automatically sent to you.

Residents are eligible for one vehicle parking sticker at no cost when home association dues are paid. ODHA Dues are now $125.

Additional vehicle stickers are available for purchase at $50 each (made payable to Town of Ogden Dunes).

Golf Cart permits are $35. A completed golf cart inspection form and Proof of insurance will be required.

“If you have had an inspection in previous years, please use this form to verify that you have not made any changes to your golf cart, that it still meets all of the requirements and is everything is in good working order, the Town of Ogden Dunes said.

Permits are required in order to drive your Golf Cart on town Streets.

Watercraft permits are $20. These permits are required if you plan to leave your watercraft on the beach and you will need to complete a Watercraft Information form. Payment for Golf Cart and Watercraft permits should also be made payable to the Town of Ogden Dunes.

“Yes, the current state of the beach is much improved from previous years, however; we do suggest that you go down to the beach and verify that there will be a place for your watercraft before purchasing a permit,” the town said.

Dog tags are also available for $5 per dog and required by ordinance for any dog kept within the limits of the town. Dogs will not be allowed on the beach after Thursday, May 25.

The Town of Ogden Dunes also noted that the restricted parking area has been expanded. In addition to the originally established areas, you now need a parking permit to park on Diana Road from Sunset Trail to Valerie Road/Ski Hill Road. You also need a parking permit to park on Hillcrest Road from Beach Lane to Ogden Road. If you are a resident living within this expanded area, you now need parking permits to park on the street in front of your home.

Those unable to stop into Town Hall between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday to Friday, still have options for getting their permits.

The Town of Ogden Dunes said you can give them a call at 219-762-4125 and they’ll be happy to help.