Washington Park Zoo announced Tuesday that Oden, their eight-year-old wolf-dog hybrid, was diagnosed with invasive bone cancer.

The zoo said he is under veterinary care to manage his pain and inflammation since there are not many options at this time for treatment.

The zoo said Oden was diagnosed after they noticed a limp in his back leg, so the veterinary staff ran lab work and took x-rays to share with a radiologist who confirmed the news.

“Other than the swelling in the leg he still does not appear to feel ill, and he is still in good spirits, so we are managing his care day to day and giving him all his favorite foods, lots of attention, and extra supportive care,” the zoo said on its Facebook page.

“Please keep Oden in your thoughts during this difficult time. Thank you to Dr. Aarie Szuba at Oak Knoll Vet Clinic for assisting with his care.”