Press release by Unity Foundation of La Porte County:
Dozens of influential leaders representing prominent grantmaking institutions from across Indiana converged in La Porte County on June 8-9 to experience firsthand the transformative power of local philanthropy in the community. Hosted by the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA), a nonprofit membership association representing Indiana foundations that invest over $2 billion annually for social causes, this two-day board meeting marks the first time the IPA has chosen Northwest Indiana as its meeting location.

“This gathering is a testament to the tremendous potential that philanthropy holds in transforming communities,” said Claudia Cummings, President and CEO of IPA. “La Porte and Michigan City are vibrant cities with so much to offer, and I eagerly look forward to experiencing the impact philanthropy has had firsthand.”

Unity Foundation of LaPorte County and Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) hosted the meeting. IPA Board Chair Maggi Spartz of Unity Foundation expressed her excitement, saying, “Through our collaborative efforts, we have witnessed tangible change and progress, and we are eager to share these inspiring stories with our esteemed colleagues from across Indiana.” Maria Fruth of HFL and IPA board member, added, “We are delighted to host the IPA Board meeting at HFL Conference & Learning Center. This is a great opportunity to welcome members from throughout the state and showcase the philanthropic work in our community.”