A Porter police officer and Good Samaritans rescued struggling swimmers this past Saturday at Porter Beach.

Just before 4:30 p.m., officers were conducting foot patrol at Porter Beach when they were alerted to two swimmers struggling in the water.

Officer Marty Gonzalez was directed to the struggling swimmers while Officer Tim Lucas retrieved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) from a police vehicle. Officer Gonzalez removed his duty equipment and entered the water with the PFD’s provided by Officer Lucas, who remained ashore to secure Officer Gonzalez equipment and to direct additional responders. Several other beachgoers entered the water to assist in the rescue effort. Two young men with paddleboards reached the struggling swimmers along with Officer Gonzalez and they were collectively able to bring the teenage male swimmers to safety.

One of the teenagers was unresponsive during the rescue and ultimately transported by Northwest Health EMS to an area hospital for treatment. The second teenager was unharmed.

Police say this was one of three near-drowning calls for service that occurred on Saturday.

Police say the dangerous waters of Lake Michigan are to never be underestimated. They remind the public to follow all beach condition notices, warnings, and signage as it pertains to dangerous swimming conditions.