To show appreciation and to say thank you for their service to the community, the South Shore Line (SSL) is inviting all doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, other medical personnel, and law enforcement to ride the train free of charge Saturday, September 9, through Wednesday, September 13, 2023, on all Westbound and Eastbound weekday and weekend trains.

To ride free, medical and law enforcement personnel must only present a valid work ID to SSL train personnel that shows they are employed at a hospital, doctor’s office, medical facility, fire department, police station, prison, or aforementioned related agency. Law enforcement encompasses police officers, correctional officers, TSA agents, and other security personnel.

“On behalf of everyone at the South Shore Line, we sincerely appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made by our medical personnel and law enforcement each and every day,” commented Amber Kettring, Manager of Customer Service and Communication at the SSL. “By welcoming first responders to ride the train for free, we hope to extend a small token of appreciation for all they do to protect our communities.”

Throughout the year, the SSL gives back to the community by welcoming various groups to take advantage of free transportation on designated days. In the near future, the train will be offering free transportation for military personnel, including active-duty, reserves, and veterans, in honor of Veterans Day. Keep up with the SSL on social media for the official announcement and details of this special promotion.

SSL also offers reduced fares for seniors, active-duty military personnel, commuting students, infants, and passengers with disabilities on all trains year-round. And, up to three kids 13 and under always ride free on all daily off-peak, weekend and holiday trains. As a reminder, SSL is continuing to bus passengers to stations between Michigan City and Gary, including Carroll Ave., Dune Park, Portage/Ogden Dunes, Miller, and Gary Metro Center. Buses operate according to the scheduled train times: