News release by Franciscan Health:

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. – Robert Korsch, DO, a Franciscan Physician Network urological surgeon at Franciscan Health Michigan City, has been named a Center of Excellence physician by Boston Scientific.

The designation recognizes Dr. Korsch’s work with the GreenLight Laser Therapy procedure in treating patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), more commonly known as enlarged prostate.

GreenLight Laser Therapy is an outpatient procedure that uses laser technology to remove overgrown prostate tissue and rapidly restore natural urine flow, often within 24 hours of the procedure. The procedure has been used successfully on more than 1 million men worldwide, according to Boston Scientific.

Roughly 80% of men will suffer from some degree of BPH in their lives, Dr. Korsch said. Some of the symptoms include weak urinary stream, urinary frequency, sensation of incomplete bladder emptying, urinary hesitancy or intermittency and waking up in the middle of the night to urinate.

After other causes of the symptoms are ruled out, Dr. Korsch said most men are prescribed alpha blockers.

“However, side effects can sometimes be an issue with these medications that are undesirable for men,” he said. “By undergoing the GreenLight Laser procedure, my patients can stop these medications while also experiencing significant improvement in their urinary symptoms.”

Dr. Korsch worked over the past year with his team to collect data on patient outcomes which were used to help earn the Center of Excellence distinction.

“Not only does the Center of Excellence recognition account for a urologist’s experience with the procedure and the number of procedures they perform each year, but it also accounts for patient outcomes,” Dr. Korsch said. “Patients can feel confident that they are in good hands.”

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