The Duneland Education Foundation recently awarded Acorn grants to Bailly, Brummitt, and Liberty elementary schools, the Town of Chesterton said on their Facebook page Friday.

Bailly was awarded a $938 Acorn grant for the 1st Grade Friends and the 2nd Grade Sidekicks programs. In each program, every student will receive a stuffed animal friend to read to and with, with the idea of improving their reading fluency and fostering their love of reading.

Brummitt was awarded a $4,069.35 Acorn grant to purchase PLAY kitchens, for use by all kindergarten students at Brummitt. PLAY—Playful Learning for All Years—is a highly successful strategy in assisting children to develop their skills in interpersonal communication and cooperative learning.

Liberty was awarded a $4,520 Acorn grant to develop a calming space in every classroom at the school, as part of a valuable program to help make students more successful learners.