ITR Concession Company LLC (ITRCC) — which manages the Indiana Toll Road — is announcing that all mainline construction activities on the Northwest Indiana Bridge Rehabilitation Project will be completed on November 19th.

The ITRCC says key project milestones will be met and all major traffic restrictions will be lifted as of this date.

The project took nine months to construct and included the rehabilitation of 18 bridges. Six bridges are in the area of the Westpoint Toll plaza and 12 bridges are in the vicinity of exit 10 in Gary.

The ITRCC says construction crews will remain within the project area for the next several months but with minimal impact to mainline travel. An upgrade to the lighting infrastructure within the project area is planned for later this winter; Short-term lane ramp restrictions may be needed to complete these remaining components of the project, according to the ITRCC.

While the construction crews remain on site, ITRCC reminds travelers to continue to drive diligently.

“We appreciate the public’s patience throughout 2023 as we delivered millions of dollars in improvements to this critical piece of infrastructure, improving road safety and the customer experience, “says Rick Fedder, Chief Operating Officer of ITRCC.