Press release by City of Valparaiso:

The City of Valparaiso will extend its curbside leaf pick-up for an additional week until December 8, due to the recent colder temps and inclement weather, announced Mayor Matt Murphy. The additional week of pick-up will allow residents to do one final rake of leaves to the curb and the leaf pick-up crews to make one final lap around the City. After this final pass, leaves will need to be bagged in biodegradable
bags for collection.

Valparaiso City Services Department of Public Works has collected leaves for almost six full weeks and has collected over 10,000 cubic yards of leaves, which is close to the city’s yearly average.

The City has four leaf collection zones and crews will rotate zones continuously. Progress updates will continue to be provided to residents, providing information about when to expect leaf collection in their own neighborhoods. The Valparaiso City Services Department will post progress updates on the Valparaiso City Services – Public Works website. To sign up for text and/or email progress alerts, visit

In your neighborhood, please remember the following:

  • Rake the leaves to the right-of-way “curb”; not onto the street.
  • Placing leaves onto city streets results in street flooding, property damage and is a violation
    of City ordinance 53.18.
  • The City will not pick up loose leaf piles with any sort of debris (rocks, sticks, garbage, etc.) in
    them. Do not mix leaves with branches, etc.
  • Keep loose leaf piles away from obstacles, such as parked cars, mailboxes, etc.
  • Please bag leaves in biodegradable bags after Dec. 8. Lawn bags will be picked up by
    brush trucks during the remainder of the month of December. For off-season pickup
    from January to March, these services will need to be requested by contacting
    Customer Service at (219) 462-6174 or by submitting a request at
  • If you have specific questions regarding your leaf service, please contact Valparaiso City
    Services Customer Service at (219) 462-6174.