A student was able to fire an officer’s gun during at Eggers Junior High School in Hammond, according to the Hammond Police Department.

On Monday morning, an officer from the Hammond Police Department observed a 14-year-old child attempting to leave Eggers Junior High School against regulations. Hammond Police said on their Facebook page that the officer promptly contacted the child’s mother, and efforts were made to bring her back to the office.

During the attempt to restrain the female, who has a history of confrontations with law enforcement, a struggle ensued. The situation escalated when the officer, attempting to secure the individual in the office, realized that the female managed to reach her finger into the officer’s duty belt, pulling the trigger of the officer’s weapon. The bullet struck the wall within the office, and fortunately, no injuries occurred during this incident.

The Hammond Police Department stated on their Facebook page, “It is important to note that the police department, while not assuming responsibility for the incident, believes in transparency and deems it necessary to report this information to the public. The safety of the students and staff at Eggers Junior High School remains a top priority.”

Police said the female was successfully restrained and is now facing charges related to resisting law enforcement. The mother has been informed of the incident, and the bullet was recovered from the school’s main office.