The Town of Chesterton is announcing the conversion of the intersection at Broadway and Jackson Boulevard from a two-way stop into a four-way stop at approximately 8 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 11.

Stop signs will be placed on east- and westbound Broadway at Jackson Boulevard, based on the findings of a comprehensive engineering study conducted last fall, which included a review of the crash history at the intersection.

The Police Commission endorsed the four-way stop at its Dec. 14 meeting and the Town Council voted unanimously to authorize the conversion of the two-way stop into a four-way at its Dec. 26 meeting.

In addition, to the installation of the new stop signs—enhanced with LED flashing lights—24-inch white stop bars will be striped at all approaches to the intersection; “STOP AHEAD” signs will be posted at all approaches; and existing crosswalks will be removed and replaced with “piano key” crosswalk markings. Flashing message boards alerting motorists to the upcoming change in traffic pattern were placed on east- and westbound Broadway on Wednesday, Jan. 3.