As South Shore Line crews continue to repair overhead wire damage at Gary Metro Center, the following service revisions will be in effect on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024:

A regular weekday train schedule will be in effect. Midday train passengers will be bused to stations between Dune Park and East Chicago on Jan. 17. Rush hour train passengers will be bused to stations between Dune Park and Gary Metro Center.

Due to frigid temperatures continuing to impact mechanical components and train movement, passengers are advised to expect significant delays.

The midday busing substitution between Dune Park and East Chicago will include only the following trains:

  • Westbound Tr 14, Tr 216, Tr 116, Tr 218, Tr 18, Tr 118, Tr 220, and Tr 20;
  • Eastbound Tr 205, Tr 207, Tr 7, Tr 107, Tr 9, Tr 109, and Tr 209.

Buses will arrive and depart with passengers to match our published weekday train schedule between Dune Park and East Chicago. Buses will service intermediate stations.

WESTBOUND: Passengers at Dune Park, Portage/Ogden Dunes, Miller (@ 6121 Melton Rd.), Gary Metro Center, and Gary/Chicago Airport will board buses at the station. Passengers will disembark the bus at East Chicago and board their regularly scheduled trains for the remainder of their westbound trips.

EASTBOUND: Passengers will disembark their trains at East Chicago and board a bus for their destination stations, or board their regular trains again at Dune Park.