Celebrating another Brilliant Centenarian! Mary Dillow turned 100 on Saturday, January 20th! Mary has lived at Rittenhouse Village for 6 years! Her friends and team members at Rittenhouse believe part of her secret of living a long life is due to always having a smile on her face and keeping positive! She was married in 1943 and had four wonderful children (three daughters and one son). Tragically she lost her first husband at a very young age of 35 from brain cancer. That’s when Mary had to learn to drive and financially support her family with finding a secure job. She worked at ANCO- Wiper for 25 plus years and later married Jim Dillow in November of 1968. Some of her highlights after retirement were camping and traveling to all 50 States over a 10-year span. Mary and Jim over the years loved to go Ball Room Dancing! She said that was truly their weekend highlight. Talking about her experience on the dance floor brought sparkles in her eye with an endless smile as she reminisced. She also added another fond memory that her and Jim NEVER missed a New Year’s Eve Party and how they would enjoy dancing the night away! Jim and Mary were married 35 years and unfortunately, he passed away shortly after their celebration. Currently Mary enjoys playing cards and reading mystery and light romance books. Mary is proud that she knows all the names of her adorable 7 Grand Children, 23 Great Grandchildren and one Great-Great Grandchild! When Mary is asked how she made it to 100- she giggles and first states “I don’t know” then, she quickly said it just must be “God’s Will!” Mary did add how she is very grateful for her memory at this age, especially since she lost her sister from Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 91! Rittenhouse is grateful to have Mary as part of our Rittenhouse family! Please give warm birthday wishes to Mary turning 100! Feel free to wish Mary a Happy Birthday on WIMS FACEBOOK page post.