The City of La Porte says it has received reports of individuals knocking on doors and claiming to be from the City of La Porte Water Department.

“These scammers are asking to test the homeowners’ water, tampering with the test and then attempting to sell homeowners a filter to “improve” their water quality,” the City of La Porte stated on its Facebook.

“Please note: our Water Department employees will NEVER attempt to sell you anything. All members of our Water Crews drive clearly marked City of La Porte vehicles, wear uniforms with the City logo and carry valid City I.D.s. If you’re ever unsure about whether it’s a Water Department employee at your door, you are welcome to call the Water Department at 219-326-9540. The office staff will be able to contact employees via radio and confirm their location.

“If one of these scammers happens upon your doorstep, please contact the police as soon as possible.”