Press release, AMKUS Rescue Systems and MAAC Foundation:

AMKUS Rescue Systems, a leading provider of hydraulic rescue tools, has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the next generation of firefighters and rescuers by generously donating equipment to the Fire and Rescue High School Program at the MAAC.

The donation includes a DeWalt Cut Off saw, renowned for its reliability, precision, and efficiency in emergencies. This equipment will play a crucial role in enhancing the hands-on training experiences of students enrolled in the Fire and Rescue High School Program, equipping them with the tools they need to develop essential skills for a career in firefighting and emergency response.

“We are deeply grateful to AMKUS Rescue Systems for their generous donation,” said Celina Weatherwax, President, and CEO, of MAAC Foundation. “This equipment addition will provide

our students with valuable hands-on experience and help prepare them for the challenges they will face as future firefighters and rescuers.”

AMKUS Rescue Systems has a long history of supporting fire and rescue education as well as first responder training initiatives. Their commitment to safety, innovation, and excellence aligns closely with the goals of the Fire and Rescue High School Program, making them an ideal partner in advancing the education and training of aspiring firefighters and rescuers.

“We are proud to support the Fire and Rescue High School Program through investing in the next generation of first responders,” said Emilie Maheu, President and CEO, AMKUS Rescue Systems. “We believe that providing students access to quality training and equipment is essential in ensuring the safety and well-being of our communities.”

The Fire and Rescue High School Program provides students with a comprehensive education in firefighting and emergency response, preparing them for service in fire departments, emergency medical services, and related fields. Through hands-on training, classroom instruction, and real-world experiences, students develop the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities necessary to succeed in demanding and rewarding professions.

About the MAAC Foundation:

The MAAC Foundation, First Responder Training Campus is transforming the landscape of First Responder training across Northwest Indiana, the state, and the country. With a comprehensive, inclusive campus, they provide access for all First Responders – EMT personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and K9 officers – to train at their state-of-the-art facility at no cost. The MAAC is a top provider of safety, emergency preparedness, and response training with more than 15 buildings, such as classroom space, residential structures, a live burn building, a flashover chamber, and a 4-story tower. Additionally, the facility boasts over 40 tactical props spread across 30+ acres. For more information about the MAAC Foundation, please visit

About AMKUS Rescue Systems:

AMKUS Rescue Systems develops and manufactures hydraulic, and battery powered rescue tools and accessories—made in the USA. With an in-depth understanding of the fire rescue service, AMKUS offers innovative and reliable solutions with unsurpassed support, focusing on making our communities safer, healthier and more productive. For more information about AMKUS Rescue Systems, please visit