The Valparaiso Police Department announced the addition of six Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) to the EMR Program within the department.

Valparaiso Police Officers John Cordova, Jacob Schleyer, Craig Lundy, Doug Balon, and James Bilder, along with Valparaiso Police Social Worker Natalie Kasberger, successfully completed the three-week course taught by the Valparaiso Fire Department.

The EMR Program originated in 2020 at the Valparaiso Police Department and has resulted in a total of twenty-two officers becoming certified EMRs. Each officer is equipped with an advanced medical kit, to assist with critical medical emergencies prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

“The Valparaiso Police Department would like to thank the Valparaiso Fire Department for their continued partnership and support of the program, with a special thanks to VFD Paramedic/Instructor Robert Cree for his dedication to this training,” VPD said on Facebook.

“Congratulations to all of the VPD officers and PCSD deputies on the successful completion of the course and achieving the certification of EMR!”