News release, Michiana Humane Society:

Starting on Friday, March 1, 2024, life will be much calmer for the kenneled dogs at Michiana Humane Society (MHS). That’s because visitors will now be matched individually with shelter dogs in a private room or outside. The kennel area will be for staff and volunteers only.

MHS Behavior Coordinator Calli Beal notes, “our goal is to reduce the stress our dogs experience. We want to make meeting potential adopters a happy time for the dogs, and we want to make sure that the family and the dog are a good match.” She goes on to say “some of our dogs don’t show well in their kennels, but are awesome one-on-one with people. This will give them a better chance at a perfect match!”

This is how the process will work. While walk-ins are welcome, visitors are encouraged to make an appointment in advance to meet a dog or dogs. Whether you know which dog you want to meet, or you are “just browsing,” our designated adoption counselors will be happy to spend a few minutes getting to know how you want a dog to fit into your life and making suggestions on who you should meet. Visitors can also browse through adoptable dogs on our website while sitting in the lobby.

Once we agree on the dog, a handler will bring them to meet the people in our visiting room or in an outdoor pen. Feel free to spend some time together and if you’re ready, fill out an application for adoption. We will generally ask you to call the next day to get the decision on your application, but if time allows we will be happy to make a same-day adoption possible.

“This is a big change for Michiana Humane Society,” says Executive Director Johanna Humbert. “In the past we have encouraged people to walk through the kennels. But just like shelters all over the country, our kennels have been full for the past couple of years. The stress level really zooms up when over twenty dogs start barking every time a person enters the kennels. Then visitors see the dogs all hyped up and say ‘I couldn’t live with that!’ It’s not a true picture of how so many of our dogs will behave once in a nice home. We are hopeful that this change will give the dogs a better chance of going home soon.”

Anyone interested in adopting at Michiana Humane Society is encouraged to visit our website at Call (219) 872-4499 to make an appointment to meet dogs; the cat and critter adoption rooms remain open for browsing at this time.

Michiana Humane Society, Inc. places over 800 dogs, cats and small mammals each year. It is located at 722 Indiana Hwy 212 in Michigan City IN. MHS’ work is funded 100% by donations and fees.