Press Release, Economic Development Corporation Michigan City

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. – Construction company F.H. Paschen has expanded with a new regional office at 2146 N. Karwick Road, Suite D, with an initial investment of approximately $250,000 in the space’s build-out.

F.H. Paschen has its roots in Chicago with more than 500 total employees who work at offices across the country, including Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Washington, D.C. The construction company teams with private and commercial clients in a range of industries to work on repairs, renovations and rebuilding of facilities. Projects include bridge repairs, school renovations, transit system construction and design and the South Shore Line’s West Lake Corridor design and construction.

“F.H. Paschen brings vital construction industry offerings even closer to our city with the addition of an office ready to support our many projects, today and in the future,” said Michigan City Mayor Angie Nelson Deuitch. “Our city continues to see a construction boom – on both a large and small scale – that needs the support and services of such companies as F.H. Paschen.”

The Michigan City office includes nine supervisory and administrative employees, which takes the company’s footprint in Indiana up to 15 employees with 40 to 50 tradespeople working in Indiana as numbers vary due to seasonal work.

“F.H. Paschen’s Indiana Civil Office is operated by Indiana residents that are all located within 30-60 minutes of Michigan City. Our area of focus for the work we build is within up to 90 minutes of Michigan City,” said F.H. Paschen Civil Operations Manager James E. Reitz. “We all thoroughly enjoy being close to Lake Michigan where we all spent summers at the beach as kids and now as adults. Michigan City is our new home, and we could not be happier being here.”

EDCMC Executive Director Clarence Hulse added that these are the types of professional service companies being sought to expand into Michigan City.

“They will build capacity in our toolbox as we build our economic future. We are excited to be chosen for this expansion by a national company,” he said.