La Porte County Commissioner Joe Haney posted the following statement on his Facebook page regarding the area where a double fatal crash recently occurred.

“Over the weekend a tragic accident occurred at Joliet Rd and 900W. I spent time this afternoon viewing the increased traffic at this intersection, most of which is due to INDOT construction.
Today I directed the highway department to install “Stop Ahead” signs on both directions of travel for this intersection, in addition to spinning ‘whirly-gigs’ for the stop signs themselves to help attract attention to the signs.
At the next Board of Commissioners meeting I’m going to ask for our County engineer to head up a traffic study for this intersection to determine what, if any, additional improvements should be done.
For those who aren’t aware, stop signs, 4 way stops, speed limit changes ect must be done by a majority vote of the Board of Commissioners.
I’ll put some additional pictures down below in the comments. The accident appears to have been caused by a south bound vehicle ignoring the stop sign on 900w. The view from this picture is looking north at that intersection.”